Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Dear friends of Angelika and Simon, here's where we're going. For an easier-to-manipulate view of the route, you can click here. Of course, we'll be setting off from London and going north first. Then south.

We'll decide on the return during the journey.

We will be leaving in early July '19. We expect to spend Christmas '19 in Cote D'Ivoire. I wonder if they have turkey and Brussel sprouts.

Just for the record, Europe is much smaller in comparison to Africa than the map above shows. That's what imperialism will do to cartography. For example, Nordkapp (northerly point Norway) to Gibraltar is appx 3,500 miles. Morocco to Cape Agulhas (southerly point Africa) is appx 7,250 miles. It's significant politically and it's significant if you're planning a motorcycle journey and you make the mistake of thinking that Africa is the same size as Europe.

And this is the bike we'll be riding. It might even be this actual colour. Cool, eh?

The bike: Honda Africa Twin CRF 1000 DCT