Saturday, April 13, 2019

Channelling Grant Johnson

There are routines to be practised. Today we did two - both crucial in different ways.

One popped bead...
Using the tools and techniques recommended and demonstrated by Grant Johnson of Horizons Unlimited fame at the summer '18 HUBBUK event, their annual four-day long-distance motorcyclists' convention/seminar/training camp, Angelika and I this morning popped the bead on my old tubed wheel. This is the seal that keeps the tyre secure on the wheel rim.

This is, to use my son Thom's favourite phrase, a non-trivial task - motorcycle tyre beads are not meant to break easily. But following Grant's coaching, we were patient, taking an incremental approach and just the right amount of Fairy Liquid (the bikers' tyre-removal lubricant of choice) we did the job in the morning sunlight. Who'd-a thought it, but we're turning into proper bikers.

The tools - as recommended - are BeadPro bead breakers, and Buzzetti trye levers. Great kit.

Another great piece of design is the Jetboil. Crucial for a different reason, it's going to ensure the early morning boost we'll both need for a happy start to each day! :)

Today we had our first JB cuppa.

The Jetboil, jetboiling

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