Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Stockholm (1229)

We're in the Swedish capital!

En route...

We topped the 1000 miles on the way.

'Trip B' = miles from home
We're taking an extra day here (four nights) to rest up and gather our thoughts.

It was bloody cold on the way. If it keeps getting colder as we go north, it'll be uncomfortable. We've had reports of snow at Nordkapp. Neither of us fancy riding on the white stuff - for reasons of comfort but also for reasons of staying vertical.

Let's see.


  1. Comfort?! Vertical?! That's not what this is about, team!
    Pop A on a sledge and pull her along! ❤️

  2. Snow? Here's to some Call of the Wild experiences before you head South. Can you get chains for the AT?


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