Monday, July 22, 2019

To (and in) Hammerfest (2358)

Hammerfest is not a gathering of hardware enthusiasts, but the northernmost town in the world.

As a naval conscript from Austria, Angelika's maternal grandfather was posted here for six years in WW2 and, having known this all her life, she wanted to see the place.

We had a fabulous ride here from Kautokeino yesterday. Tundra, Alpine hills, dying birch forests, Scottish highland-like heaths, fjord coastline (oh, those fjord coastal roads!) and constantly changing microclimates; balmy in the sun, freezing out of it.

Road to Hammerfest
To prepare for the journey, I adjusted the chain tension, added a little air to the rear tyre, lubed the chain, and checked the oil. The maintenance course is bearing fruit.

En route, we avoided deer.

HF high street
When we went out for dinner I took my gilet knowing it would be cold when the sun went down (it's surprisingly warm here when the sun shines). I forgot that it doesn't. Go down. The sun, that is.

Walking home last eve
The view from above the town is lovely.

The view :)
Did we mention Nordkapp? There tomorrow. Might be cold. 🤨


  1. Looks very beautiful. Wish I could see those fjord coastal day! Angelika looks very happy, such a lovely photo. Love to you both x

  2. Your appreciation of the fjords is noted (Slartibartfast).

    So you're nearly at the start! You've made it this far...

    Actually I'm intensely jealous, never having been further north than Akureyri in Iceland.

    Once you get to Nordkapp, don't forget that the general direction is south...


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