Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Resting up and recovering

Due to the kindness of Weston and Lucy (bro-in-law and sis), we've been accommodated in style in Nerja.

I've done a bit of work on the bike.

New 'filtros aires'
This was more to prove to myself that I still could, and that bringing the tools was worthwhile. Stripped to the waist, torso glistening in the southern Spanish noonday sun, I demonstrated my mechanical competence to the admiration of passing seƱoritas. (The majority of this is untrue, but I did replace the air filters.) The bike is now with George in the town where his mechanics are doing the difficult stuff. (Actually, that's untrue, too, the bit I did was the most awkward.)

And I took fit-for-Africa tyres to get those fitted.

Off to George's!
And we've been to the caves. (We were herded through. It wasn't very relaxed.) They are impressive.
The caves
Regarding serotonin
On each of my last several posts, I've wondered about mentioning that I've been accompanied on the trip by an old friend. He turns up in my head when the serotonin deserts me. It's always a bit more grey and chilly when he's there. Dunno why he showed up. Sometimes you don't. I'm fending him off, sometimes successfully, sometimes not.

Didn't seem echt, me writing this and not saying.

Should collect the bike today and we'll leave for Sevilla soon. Morocco by middle of next week.


  1. Doesn't matter how lightly you pack, you have to bring your whole self. Don't forget, you're living more than most! Still cheering you on XXX

  2. Also, I may be in a minority, but I love the bike engineering stuff xxx

  3. It wasn't admiration from the senoritas, it was well-disguised amusement.

    Seriously, your old friend - sounds more like a rather troublesome relative. Put him in a care home where he'll be looked after properly.

    Deeply impressed by what you've achieved and everything you've experienced. Keep it coming.

  4. "Love can only happen when your heart is open, but opened up to love means opened up to pain."
    The great is entirely worth the shit.
    You got this! Xx


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