Monday, June 24, 2019

Only for the moto-enthusiast...

Final week stuff happening now and so to the final tool check. I know you're desperate to know.

With this lot we can do the following: change oil & filters; change air filters; remove & replace wheels and tyres; adjust and clean chain; repair punctures; remove & replace brake pads; remove bodywork as required - and possibly some other stuff.

Tools #1
12 & 10mm C-wrench, Right-angle pick, Small JIS crosshead, OEM cross-head & Screwdriver, Toothbrush (chain cleaning), 5mm hex & extension, Large wrench, Small wrench, Bead-breakers, Tyre levers, Adjustable spanner, 5mm T-handle hex.

Tools #2
Sockets: 27mm, 22, (adapters), 14, 12, 8, Headtorch, Gerber Multi-tool, Multi-meter leads, Wheel bearings, Fuses, Reusable pop-rivets (bodywork), Oil-seal cleaner, Oil filter tool, Multimeter, Cable ties.

Pump, etc.
Bike-battery operated pump, Digital tyre gauge.

Puncture repair kits
CO2 canisters, Puncture Repair Kit #1, PRK #2, Plugs, Gloves, PRK #3 (just to be sure).

All packed up and ready to go...
And this is what it looks like when it's packed and ready to stow (with the addition of 1 x spare inner-tube, one chain lube and two film canisters of Fairy Liquid [for tyre-changing]).

For the non-enthusiasts, don't worry, there won't be test questions...

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