Monday, July 8, 2019

Budget food (955)

I quite enjoy improvising with food on the go. Acting on advice recieved we try to make sure that we have bread and a jar of peanut butter available for those hungry moments. I like it.

Life on the road, isn't so onerous.

Food advisor: Len Brown
Nearing the first 1000 miles - and getting colder.

Stockholm tomorrow for three nights.

I experimented with the weight distribution on the bike. I seem to have solved the front-end-bike-wobbles by moving the security chain (a hefty item) from its original storage position suspended below the rear mudguard to up front wrapped around the tank bag. The handling is much better now.


  1. Shame the AT was twitchy but you've come up with a smart solution. Hope it's otherwise performing well. Get those heated grips on! JJH X

  2. Nice to know you are dining in style!


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