Sunday, July 14, 2019

Closing in on the Arctic Circle (1692)

You know the town you're staying in is a small one when it never appears on the road signs.

This is Ånäset. Last stop was Sundsvall (one night) and now, after two days' back-to-back riding, we're resting up for three nights in our own cabin-from-home.

Our next stay will be in Jockfall, inside the Arctic Circle. Apparently upon entering it (the circle, that is) one should drink a Wolf's Paw, a vodka and cranberry juice. Let's see...

If you're reading these posts, don't forget to look at Noonpics; one photo per day at noon (or thereabouts) - see the link below the blog title (select 'web view' on smartphones).

How exactly do you strike the balance between freedom to roam and being sure of a bed after a long ride?

Shame Federer didn't get over the line, but no one deserved to lose that.

And don't fret if there's no post for one day or several - I don't want it to become a chore. x


  1. Have a wolf's paw for me, and if you get a chance, watch the last five overs of the Crocket World Cup final. X

  2. ^I really need to check spelling before publishing x


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