Wednesday, July 24, 2019

You may wonder... ♡

From the Pillion
Off the pillion!
You may wonder; What is it like, sitting on the back of a bike? You can’t read, you can’t stretch your legs (well you can, but you might cause an unexpected tumble!), so what do you do?

The whole experience depends very much on the Pilot’s riding style (full marks to this one), the distance to be travelled and, of course, the weather.

Ninety minutes is a good average time for a spell of riding before the glutes and caffeine-cravings call for a break. Torrential rain is also a good reason to stop for a cuppa.

A lot of the time I am just lost in all sorts of thoughts, but also attention needs to be paid to the road and an impending emergency stop in case another nonchalant reindeer trundles along. They do! They are also very good-natured. Sudden breaks mean I have to hold on to the luggage rail and tighten my thigh muscles to prevent my body and helmet smacking into Simon’s! So no slacking or falling asleep!

Now that we have intercom, communication between Pilot and Pillion has become easier, but because of the noise of the airstream, the conversations are usually limited to 'Fancy a coffee?', ‘Time to refuel’, ’Whooa, did you see that??', 'Flippin’ amazing!!'.

A tired Pilot and hungry and tea-starved Pillion has sent the grumpometer reading off scale a few times. We are trying out different approaches.😉

The journey so far has been amazing, interesting and challenging - and we haven’t even reached Africa!

The road to Nordkapp felt at times like travelling to the end of the world with the most stunning views. We are lucky!


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