Thursday, September 12, 2019

Annecy (5768)

We rode through Switzerland to get to France.

Bird of prey
En route, we sat in a roadside cafeteria overlooking a small rural vale in which sat a small farm. It was the hunting territory of a bird of prey, perhaps a kestral, perhaps a kite. We watched, fascinated, as the bird prowled its realm. It began sitting on the railing of the veranda our table overlooked and lazily swooped across the fields to the farmhouse gate and sat again. As we were eating, it was waiting its opportunity to do likewise.

French charm
We're in Annecy. It's a beautiful place, mountains, lake, narrow streets, old-town atmosphere.

Sunset over Annecy
Glimpses of mountains along the streets embroider a stroll in the town.

Moonrise over Annecy
Backstreet gig in Annecy
The music at this gig was in interesting mix of rockabilly and Klezmer.

On Annecy lake
I was struck, sitting in a town square bar, by the prettiness of the French language. En masse, it's a mellifluous babble. Definitely easier on the ear than any other we've encountered so far. It's not a new thought, I suppose, but against the backdrop of ten weeks and many different languages encountered, it reoccurred to me.


  1. Hey, I think you're near the famous motorcycling road Rue De Napoléon! Starts at Grenoble and goes down to Cannes.

  2. Simon/Angelika - there has to be a book in the offering with these journals.
    Who/what is Klezmer ???


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