Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Grim satisfaction (5537)

Staying in the tower
We're sleeping in a former water tower overlooking a lake. It's charming.

Youth hostel, Konstanz
Riding in the rain
The weather forecast for our ride here from Deisenhofen to Konstanz, the main city on the shore of Bodensee (Lake Constance - the largest lake in Germany - to you Brits), didn't bode well.

Persistent wet conditions mean poor visibility; either your glasses steam up (visor down) or get rain on them (visor up a bit). And there's always a nagging feeling that your grip isn't all it might be - leading to a more gingerly approach to manoeuvring - especially overtaking. This means you're either sitting behind some car transporter catching all the crap it's throwing up, tailgated by a driver wondering why you're not overtaking, or you're overtaking said vehicle, catching all the crap it's throwing up, tailgated by a Raptor Car (see last post) intent on your imminent destruction.

Getting this type of journey done is, as per the blog title, at best grimly satisfying.

Still, the weather cleared and the final lap, along the shore of the lake to Meersburg and the ferry to Konstanz, was a joy. And we got on the ferry in double quick time. Lovely. (Apart from one boorish French Harley rider.)

The blog title could also be applied to my foray to the tournament in N├╝rnberg. Apart from the 'satisfaction' bit. We shall speak no more of it. Actually, I quite enjoyed it, results apart (P7: W1).

Both the above bring to mind the immortal words of the very wonderful John Cooper Clarke in the ultimate put-down poem; '.. I've got you under my skin / You make life a fairy tale; Grimm'

Lost in Konstanz
We had a nice dinner in town last night. I confidently lead the way to the bus stop. We ended up in the wrong bloody country! We were in Switzerland. Which was no good because our bus definitely left from Germany.

Three countries meet here. Austria, too. This is the furthest south-west in Germany and its temperate climate makes it ideal for fruit and wine-grape growing.

A photo a day
Don't forget to have a look at Noonpics; one photo per day from the trip.

And do please leave comments - we love to see them and the fact that we haven't found out how to reply doesn't mean we're not interested in your responses.

France, via Switzerland, tomorrow.

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  1. I look forward to hearing the song: "Riding in the Rain".

    It occurs to me that you are now south of your starting point, and probably have been for a couple of days. It's all downhill from here.


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