Thursday, September 26, 2019

Bike service report

George, of Motos Cereto Nerja, was the business, he knew what was required and made me feel confident he would deliver. And he did.

I provided oil filters (two are required for the DCT), brake pads and tyres, he provided oil. (I fitted the air filters myself.)

The plugs and chain were new when we left and should last the trip.

Tyres are Motoz Tractionators; GPS for the front, Adventure for the rear.

They even washed the thing!

They offered me two prices, one for cash, one for card (remember that?).

The details
And I left with George's warning that the tyres are new and hard and that I should take it easy for a while. This is particularly good advice here. The roads, due to the heat and infrequency of rain, are quite slick.

Sevilla tomorrow, Cueta (Spanish Morocco) Friday week.


  1. Serious rubber! Bike looking purposeful and ready for the next continent! Hope you're enjoying some relaxing time in the south of Spain x


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