Monday, July 15, 2019

It's not just us

During our rest-up at Lufta Camping we've encountered Alex (Netherlands) and Pernilla & Max (Stockholm). All are riding motorbikes (respectively, for those that care, GS800 and a pair of GS1200s) and all are headed to Nordkapp. We're a dime-a-dozen us bikers-going-northernmost.

More and more throughout the planning and now the executing phase of the trip we've come to realise that riding to Nordkapp is a 'thing', as the youth say.

Here's a photograph of the camp-site restaurant and Alex's bike. 

The weather is getting milder by the day and it looks as though we'll be spared icicles up north. Alex alerted us to a Norwegian weather website that covers this area really well.

We've agreed a change to our itinerary. Having received advice re great places to visit hereabouts (including the biggest waterfall in northern Europe and the definitive museum of Sami culture in Jokkmokk) that we can't currently take in due to our accommodation commitments, we're going to travel south from Nordkapp through Sweden (rather than Finland), eventually taking the Umeå - Vaasa ferry to Finland and so on to Helsinki and St Petersburg.

We're excited by the prospect.


  1. Those new GS800s are supposed to be really good. Bet they were impressed with all your AT mods! X

  2. Look at you guys, up with the cool kids and their fads, so great you can share info and practical advice among yourselves!
    Send us photos of the waterfalls!

    SDS xx

  3. Nice to know you're not alone in your madness! Bet they're not all heading for South Africa though...


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