Saturday, July 27, 2019

Tea ♡

From the Pillion
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I want to add a little tea tale as I consider myself an Honorary Brit in all things tea. We get excited about a biscuit and a cuppa - according to Bill Bryson.

The other day in deepest Norwegian Lapland we went off-piste in search of a picnic spot. A sign with a cup and cutlery promised a nice cup of tea. Or a hot drink of sorts. We turned off what passes for an A-road here and followed a dirt track, energised by said sign, we eventually stopped near a sad-looking cluster of dwellings. An old man with few teeth but some English appeared. He gesticulated back in the direction we came from. So we turned round, somewhat disappointed.

When we arrived back at the road, I kid you not, the sign had disappeared!! I don’t mean it had fallen over or was hanging upside down, IT WAS NOT THERE ANY MORE! 

Shortly after, a car passed us carrying the old man as a passenger. He gave us a cheery wave.

The intercom went wild!

Look out for the following headline back home:

‘Too (sic) curious riders missing in the Finnmark region of Norway, feared abducted by aliens’.

Btw, this whole region is mosquito central, but the place we are in now (Tankavaara, 'Gold Rush Town') is the only one honest enough to acknowledge it:

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  1. All is not as it seems within the Arctic Circle! Hope you got the cuppa you deserved x


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