Monday, July 29, 2019

Various items from Oulu (3084)

Ben from Switzerland* (who we met on a morning coffee break) and who is on a year-long fishing trip suggested doing the five Tibetan (yoga) Rites daily to help keep us in shape so we've begun doing so.

George from Greece* (who we met at a camping site) and who is on a year-long motorcycle trip with his lady Annette (their second) answered a question I asked and so now I know why I'm doing this trip.

The fact is that life has its chores no matter what that life happens to be. And, on reflection, this is a good thing.

Ben also pointed out that the discovery of self might not necessarily be an easy discovery. And that made me think that you can leave your life behind (after a fashion, at least) but you can't leave you behind.

But you can leave the Arctic Circle behind, and we have. We've entered the fifth week. New territory for us both. We've topped the 3000 mile mark.

We're reading a (Kindle) book of short stories to each other each night - or sometimes poems (but the Pilot likes the poems more than the Pillion). The reading is a  nice thing to do.

We're doing research into festivals and cultural events for later in the trip. (A chore of sorts, but a happy one.)

We don't think we'll make St Petersburg because the cost/time involved/convenience is made too difficult due to Russian travel awkwardnesses. 🤨

We might go to the World Rally Championships next:

We're currently in Oulu on Finland's western coast.

Angelika & local copper
A lovely park
Dam & salmon ladder
Upper reaches of ladder
*Both live in Germany - when they're not away travelling for a year.

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  1. Nice work. Many different countries and cultures already encountered. Many more to go. Rally in Finland?! Has to be done! X


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