Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Look ma, on top of the world! (2524)

We made Norkapp today.

Truth to tell, it's a bit Disney (which we were warned about).

Spoke to my second-born from the place itself - the most northerly point in Europe. I told him it was rammed. 'Just go north' he said. That would have sorted the crowd issue, I guess.

This is not photoshopped!
In compensation for the crowds, the queue to enter the car-park, its entry fee and the forty or so coaches parked there, the approach ride was special. Ironically, it had a profoud feeling of desolation and remoteness. We're both thrilled to have ridden it; the last bit of tarmac in this direction.

Somehow, we conjured up about 500 more miles than we budgeted for.

We've been lucky with the weather.

South now!


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