Thursday, July 25, 2019

A significant birthday

I spent my 65th yesterday in interesting circumstances; comfortably inside the Arctic Circle, on a coastal lane by a tiny fishing harbour that masquerades as a village (Kamøyvær). We're staying in an Airbnb run by a young Thai woman with striking looks and an unsettling persona who also works as a chef on a Norwegian luxury coastal cruiser.

On this particular day I missed those nearest and dearest to me apart, of course, from the Pillion who it is my fortune to have with me as companion on this Quixotic venture.

Photo highlights:

Lunch time...
The very friendly Polish couple running the village hotel gratuitously took this photo at lunch time and presented it to us - framed - as we left that evening. How lovely.

The running record...
Yes, we were playing BG. Here's the evidence. There's a running trip record of matches played.

View from our bedroom
Birthday lunch and dinner venue
A new antipodean human
This is my lovely daughter's lovely lady, Sarah Neeltje de Schot - down in NZ - holding her new relative. Born on my 65th birthday! What a lovely coincidence.

Life is something, isn't it?

Love to all! xxx

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  1. How lovely. I'm sure it hasn't been smooth riding 100% of the time but it sounds like you're having the best time. What a way to spend your birthday, eh?! Love from The Hoppards x


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