Sunday, August 4, 2019

Circumnavigation (3597)

We decided to head from Jyväskylä and the adrenaline scream of high-powered motors south west to a very different vibe.

We're in Rauma, UNESCO heritage city. It's old, wooden and one of Finland's longest established ports. We're going to do the museum thing today.

It dawned on me yesterday that we've more or less made it around the Gulf of Bothnia. The truth is I wouldn't have known where it was six months ago. It's exciting. If we had a big enough telescope we could look south west and see Kappeln (on Germany's only fjord, we learned) where we stayed four weeks past.

Find Rauma, S-W coast...
I must spend more time looking at the full map and not just the part relating to today's journey.

Anyway, we have an excellent Airbnb here with a sauna (lots of Finnish flats have them) and took advantage last night. We like it very much.

The parking is handy, too.

Handy parking 
Now, where's the tourist information office?

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