Friday, August 2, 2019

Jyväskylä (3354)

We've been rallyin'... it's fun! (The Finns and the Estonians take it ever so seriously.)

We went to two 'Special Stages'; Harju and Moksi. The former we went to twice. It's in a park in the city centre.

The latter, Moksi, required a longish ride out into the country with the final several kilometers being on unsurfaced tracks. We arrived early. I thought we'd have the pick of the viewing. I underestimated the enthusiam here for such an event. In fact, there were hundreds in situ when we arrived, many having camped overnight.

I overshot the bike parking area, almost getting stuck in an ever-narrowing track in the woods. I retrieved things in the end courtesy of a welcome turning point.

Special stage: Moksi

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