Sunday, August 25, 2019

Missing items + 1

Ok, here are yesterday's missing items:

Fatigue and Morale
Just because you're on holiday (if that's the right word for this thing) doesn't mean the normal issues of life don't intrude. And while motorbike touring is exciting and interesting and, well, just cool, it's also bloody tiring. Especially when you do back to back days - or back to back to back days as we did on our way down here. Recovery time is neccessary. Tiredness will erode joie de vivre, as the Russians say. And that's an issue to be managed carefully while 'Travelling' (as the Pillion and I like to refer to it). So sometimes you just have to slob out, drink tea - or beer - do the washing and not go sightseeing in this interesting new place you've just arrived in.

Yoga is bad for you
And I don't care what Martha says, the Five so-called Tibetans have given me both a painful shoulder and a dicky thigh muscle. So I've had to ease off. Perhaps they should be called The Five Tibetans For Pre-65-Year-Olds-Who-Have-Flexible-Musculature! (Take a look.)

Parking in Kaliningrad
Our Airbnb host advised I should use secure parking while staying in his (splendid!) flat. He directed me to what I expected would be an underground car park, you know, barrier, ticket, etc. It was a scruffy compound with Heath Robinson patched wire fencing with a wooden hut, electricity-powered by a petrol generator (I think the geezer lives there), complete with aggressive alsatian in cage by the entrance. He speaks Russian, I speak English but we communicated perfectly well. Cost; 80 roubles (£1.00) a day, a handshake. All good and I'm confident it'll be there when I go to collect it.

Plus 1
For the backgammonners among you; in the mornings when Angelika is sleeping in (I do early, she does late), when I'm not blogging, I'm reading this - and actually understanding some of it;

Every day, in every way

And, for local colour;

Kaliningrad tram

And, from the menu section entitled 'Beer snacks';

Smoked pigs' ears


  1. Trice is best comrade!


  2. I am reliably informed that those yoga moves require a good teacher to avoid injury...

    Smoked pigs' ears sound like soft pork scratchings.

    As for the parking, maybe you should replace "there" with "sold" in the final sentence. When you discover this, that's when the Alsatian comes into play.


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