Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Kaliningrad is great...

... but, we're sorry to say that many of you won't be able to visit.*

The new(ish) and easy to apply for evisa is not available to Brits (or Americans). To Vlad and his chums you're part of the enemy.

Angelika and I (German and Irish in case any of you didn't know), well, we're just as welcome as can be.

Good for us, sad for you, because this really is my favourite city to date. Gritty, charismatic, interesting - and cheap as hell (at least by the standards of both London and this trip so far).

Easy for some...
And so, on this, our final evening here (and after a great guided car tour of the city with Eduard - dock area; oldest building in city [1588]; posh area, poor area; newly built World Cup football ground, etc.), we're off out to the most expensive fish restaurant to see if we can spend the rest of our roubles.

Gdansk tomorrow.

(*In the interests of clarity, if you go to the evisa application site [see here] you'll find contradictory information on this, but if you look closely enough you'll find a statement to this effect; 'The countries not expected to benefit from this Russia new electronic visa are United States, Canada and the UK due to the tense political relationships with Russia'.)

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