Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Flow Festival in Helsinki (3770)

We're enjoying a concert-going phase:

Ready to go
The Cure
Robert Smith
Here's my new biggest hero. He's been where he's been, he's done what he's done and he still gets up there and performs. And he means it. A Star. (Are you listening so-called Father John so-called Misty?!)

Turkish Wedding Band
Regarding the trip, a question: What does it mean to set off to travel for a year living 24/7 in the pocket of your life-partner? Well, Angelika and me are finding out. I always knew it was the journeys within the journey that would prove the most interesting.

We're at our most easterly point. South and west now for a while. The signs on the camp site here are in Finnish, German, English and Russian. And we're two hours ahead of UK time. And yes, we're camping. I love the enforced informality.

The Pillion's gone into town for a cake, coffee and read and I'm pretending to tinker with the bike. I'm going to have a sauna this afternoon. I've developed a liking for it.

Tallinn in two days time. Hoping for Kalinigrad visa confirmation soon!

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