Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Walks, Roads, Borders and Spits (3992)

In Riga now. I was expecting to report that we'd topped 4k miles at this point, but that's for the next ride.

Before we left Estonia we walked the coastal path from our camp site to the Latvian border.

Evidence of fauna
Our bit of the path (it seems to run from France to Tallinn) was mostly along a road, but it was a nice stroll anyway.

Proof of destination
And we saw this (below). Look closely. For those who don't know it, the scallop is the sign for the Camino - the ancient pilgrimage route to Satiago de Compostella in Spain. This symbol is an old friend of mine. I've encounered it all over Europe on my bike trips through the years. This is the most northerly so far.

The Camino
Then we rode to Riga. They drive the same in Latvia as they do in Estonia. It gives the pilot something to think about, I suppose.

When we leave here we're going to ride the coastal road from Riga, through Jürmala, Cape Kolka and down to Klaipeda. Then, and here's the coolest bit, we're going to enter Kaliningrad along the Curonian Spit. Check them out. We're both looking forward to the trip. We'll be off the main roads, mostly riding within sight of the sea. Lovely.

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